Sep 11, 2019 • 12M

My Story in A Larger Reality 2.0 - "Communicable"

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Creative Lives and Processes
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Hello, friends!

Here is a new OMG Julia Podcast episode for you! In this one, I tell you about my inspiration and process for writing my A Larger Reality 2.0 story. I also read the story on this episode. The story itself starts about five minutes and forty seconds into the recording.

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Long story short, I was sick for a month and thinking a lot about how germs multiply!

If you want to read the text of the story, you can play through the game version on the web, or download the ebook to read on your phone, tablet, or e-reader of choice by going to

If you’d like to read the seed article Libia pointed me to article that inspired this story, you can read that over here.

I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but here is another article that explains the microwave oven thing I refer to in the story — yes, it’s actually real!

Here’s the amazing writer who translated my A Larger Reality 2.0 story into Spanish, Andrea Chapela on Twitter.

And, if you would like to read A Larger Reality (1.0), you can get that at, and you can read my story online at Latin American Literature Today. That one was translated beautifully by Patricia Coral.

Thanks for reading and listening!