More Mermaids! (Moremaids?)

Hello! As of the day before yesterday, Mermaids Monthly officially hit its minimum funding goal on Kickstarter, which means we WILL have 12 months of mermaids in 2021!

That’s so exciting! Now we’re down to the last day of the Kickstarter campaign, and everything that comes in over our minimum funding goal will go towards making the magazine even better.

Some of the things we’d like to do include:

  • Have more stories in translation. When we publish a story with a translation, we want to display both versions and pay the original author and the translator for their work, which makes every translation cost double the amount of non-translated stories.

  • Commission more original cover art. Our minimum goal allows for us to commission 4 original covers at $1,000 each. If we manage to hit our stretch goal of $30,000, we will be able to commission two more original covers! That’s half the year, which would be pretty cool! For every month we don’t have an original artist lined up, we’ll be looking at licensing pre-existing art and using public domain art. That’s fine, but we love paying artists to make new art just for us!

  • Pay our staff a little more, and maybe even hiring some additional staff. We’re committed to paying our staff, even if it is a token honorarium and not a living wage. A lot of work goes into making a magazine, and we want to honor that! More funding means the potential to give our current staff a little raise and possibly bring on more readers to help us with story selection.

  • Accept additional content (more or longer stories, more poems, essays, art, etc.)

So those are some of our goals, which you can still help us reach! And in return, you can get some rewards that won’t be available after the campaign ends! There are stickers with art from John Picacio, limited edition collector’s prints of art by Patty Templeton, handmade jewelry, and more.

One level I really want to draw everyone’s attention to is the $100 “Subscription, Pin, and Poetry” pledge level. Everyone who backs at this level will be invited to a special Zoom party where we’ll have performances of poetry and comedy by C. S. E. Cooney, Sumana Harihareswara, and Sarah Gailey.

We’ll also be giving away some really special prizes to attendees of that party, including two handmade bracelets!

One is by Elise Matthesen, and the other is by Debra Goelz, who is the author of the book, Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (which is 100 percent as silly and fun as the title makes it sound)! This party is going to be super fun!

Image description: A sterling silver and freshwater pearl charm bracelet by Debra Goelz. A fairy tale fantasy for your wrist! Charms include a heart, a frog, a crown, a mermaid, a dragon, a sword, and more!

Image description: A three strand “The Waters of Twilight Are Endless” bracelet by Elise Matthesen. This is made of blue glass and crystal beads with sterling silver findings and an antique clasp.

These aren’t the only prizes we will be giving away to our party attendees, but they may be the shiniest of the prizes!

This level comes with a subscription to the magazine and a Mermaids Monthly enamel pin, but you can also add stickers (3 designs for $15), a print version of our bonus issue (hand bound by Meg for $15), or an enamel pin of Patty Templeton’s art (a bargain at just $10!) to this level.

Those add ons are also available at other backer levels if you just really want a Patty Templeton pin and can’t afford our poetry and puns party of gloriousness. Most of these things aren’t going to be around after the campaign ends, so if you want one, now’s the time!

Plus you get to feel the warm glow of knowing you’re helping make more undersea magic happen!

Whew, okay! Thanks for reading! Please spread the word to any mermaid lovers you know!

That Kickstarter link again!