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Where to find me in early 2020!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I made a big post over on my Patreon about all the work I did that came out in 2019 (check that out for a picture of my cat, if for no other reason). Today, I am here to tell you where you can find me in early 2020!


I took a little break from Comedy for the last two months of 2019, but I’m back at it this month!

Image description: A promotional flyer for Mindy Mazur Laughs and Company with photos of all the participants. Hosts: Mindy Mazur and Erin Lynch. Headliner: Jill Shastany. Performers: Colleen Dolly McCauley, Julia Rios (hey, that’s me!), Diala Taneeb, and Mona Forgione.

I took a little break from Comedy for the last two months of 2019, but I’m back at it this month! Here’s where you can find me! (Spoiler, it’s Maggy’s Lounge. That’s where you can find me.)

Friday, January 3rd at 7pm - Pick A Side Stupid
This is a comedy debate show that’s super fun. It happens Friday nights at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, MA. The theme for this one is favorite movies of the host and a few MVPs, so we’ll be debating Jaws, Office Space, Labyrinth, There Will Be Blood, and Keanu Reeves movies.

Wednesday, January 8th at 8pm - Mindy Mazur Laughs and Company
This standup show is ALSO at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, and it has an excellent lineup, including headliner Jill Shastany who was a French pixie with me in a short film last year! Best of all, it’s free! There’s also an open mic earlier in the evening for anyone who wants to get up on stage.

Friday January 31st at 7pm - Pick a Side Stupid
This one’s theme is Shakespeare, so it’s definitely going to be a fun one!

Image description: the art for Pick a Side Stupid, which has an illustration of Shawn Carter (host and judge) surrounded by two debaters.


Image Description: The logo for The Skiffy and Fanty Show, featuring a green alien head and a grey unicorn silhouette.

The Skiffy and Fanty Show: Torture Cinema - Santa with Muscles
This was a Christmas movie we watched in December, but the podcast came out on January 1st, so it’s officially my first podcast of 2020! What a way to start the year!

Image description: the cover for This Is Why We’re Like This, showing a movie theatre with red seats and the the title of the show appearing over the curtain.

This Is Why We’re Like This
This is the podcast I co-host with my friend and fellow comedian, Geoffrey Pelton. We watch and discuss movies and TV shows that made a lasting impression on us as children. This has been going strong since October, and we’re excited to watch more things that might traumatize us all over again this year, too! If you sign up for that Substack newsletter, you’ll get the show notes as emails!

Image desctiption: The cover for OMG Julia! A background of a night sky with northern lights in shade of green and blue, and the title of the podcast in light pink.

OMG Julia!
This is the podcast associated with this very Substack newsletter, in which I talk about various aspects of creative lives and processes, sometimes alone, and sometimes with others! I’m expecting to do a couple of new episodes this month. If you are already singed up for this newsletter, you’ll get them as soon as they drop!


Friday February 14th - Sunday February 16th: Boskone
Okay, so really it’s just the one, but I should be on lots of items at Boskone in February! Stay tuned for more details! I’ll post my full schedule when it’s official!

Will I see you at any of these? And what are you up to in the first part of this new year?

Happy New Year!

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